It’s all about new IPL team introduced

By | December 6, 2021

New IPL Teams 

In the history of IPL, there are various teams were introduced and got defunct. Due to introduction of new IPL teams, there is always pressure on schedule as well as on players.

Two New IPL Teams, Pune Warriors India and Kochi Tuskers

IPL new team IPL new team

On march 2010, first time in the history of IPL, two new IPL teams were introduced Pune warriors India and Kochi Tuskers Kerala which started played from 2011 IPL edition. But Kochi Tuskers were eliminated from IPL, due to breaching of BCCI terms and condition. due to that, only 9 teams were played in 2012 IPL edition. Both the teams fails to finish in first four spot.

Termination of Deccan Chargers.

In September 2012, Deccan chargers is not able to get any owner , as a result BCCI terminated contract of Deccan chargers. It is noted that Deccan chargers won 2009 title of IPL. Next month, i.e. October 2012, Deccan Chargers is replaced by Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Withdrawal of Pune Warriors India

In 2013, Pune Warriors India, withdraw from IPL due financial clashes between BCCI. As a result BCCI terminated Pune Warriors India contract and IPL team size shrinks to 8 teams. Three seasons played by Pune Warrior India, 2011,2012  and 2013 was not good for Pune warriors India, finishing in the 9th spot for the year 2011, 2012 and 8th spot in 2013.

Shocking year for IPL,2015. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals suspended

IPL new team                  IPL new team

In 2015, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan royals suspended for 2 years due to spot fixing and betting scandal. Two new teams were added. There is entry of Rising Pune Supergiant’s and Gujrat Lions in place of Chennai super kings and Rajasthan Royals. Both teams performed well in these 2 years. 2016 IPL edition Gujrat finishes at No. 3 spot while in 2017 edition RPS were the runner. lost in the nail biting Final to Mumbai Indians.

New IPL Teams

This Year, again two new team. RPSG group  ( Lucknow IPL Team )and CVC capital ( Ahmedabad IPL Team ).

In 2021, BCCI introduced two IPL new team. There were 6 teams in the race. but in a bidding process, Ahmedabad IPL Team  (5200 crores) and Lucknow IPL Team (7000 crores) won bids. Owner of Ahmedabad and Lucknow are CVC capital and RPSG group. RPSG owner is the previous Rising Pune supergiant’s owner. Final jersey and flag yet to be decided by two franchise. There will be 74 matches to be played in this IPL edition.


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